What To Look For When Shopping For Wheelchair Accessible Cars

Shopping for a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a confusing and time-consuming task, it is important to consider all of the same things as one would when choosing a standard car as well as other specific features.

There are numerous models and variations available on the market, it is therefore important to consider the following factors before committing yourself to the purchase of a wheelchair accessible car:

Wheelchair Accessible Cars vs Vans

If you will be driving the vehicle yourself, it is probably a good idea to focus on looking for wheelchair accessible cars, although wheelchair accessible vans undeniably offer a wide range of benefits and are usually the preferred option for those being driven rather than driving themselves. Vans however, tend to require more space – not only due to the sheer size of the vehicle, but also for the space required to use the ramp/lift.

Car Size

A good starting point is to decide on the size of the car you require, considering the following questions may be help in the decision-making process.

  • How many passengers will you typically travel with? Will you be travelling with a family?
  • Will the car be used for trips/holidays or other trips which require additional storage?
  • How big does your vehicle need to be? Consider door size, interior height etc.
  • Where will your wheelchair be stored?
  • Will you be able to get in and out of it comfortably?

Specific Features

It is important to consider if the car has all the features you require, such as manual transmission, on board computer/sat nav, automatic lights etc. as well as any of the following:

Where Will the Car Be Kept?

Will the car be parked on a driveway, in a garage or on the street? How easy will access be to and from your residence?

Performance & Economy

What sort of performance do you require from the car? More power usually means greater fuel consumption and higher running costs.


The warranty of the chosen car is extremely important and should be checked through very carefully to see exactly which parts are covered.


What is your budget? Is your car of choice affordable?


It is worth checking to find out if you are eligible for the Motability scheme – this provides an affordable and stress free method for those with disabilities to lease a car.

Motability also provides access to insurance, RAC breakdown and maintenance.

Find a Motability Car Dealer

Registered Motability dealers offer a dedicated Motability specialist with specific training, who will be able to help you find a car to meet your needs.

For more information on purchasing a wheelchair accessible car or on any of the vehicle adaptions listed above, get in touch with All Shropshire Mobility today.