Taking A Practical Driving Test With A Disability

Will I Take the Standard Test?

If you have a disability, you will still need to take the same driving test accessed by non-disabled drivers. UK law requires that all drivers must be able to drive safely on the road in different traffic conditions and are also expected to know the highway code. This must be demonstrated during the test – it is no easier for people with a disability, the result will still be a pass or fail.

Do I Need to Tell the DVLA I Have A Disability?

Any type of disability or other type of special requirement should be fully stated on the booking form and by law, the DVLA must be informed of any type of disability or medical condition. They will also take into consideration any special requirements, stated on the booking form – this includes any type of physical disability, health condition or certain types of learning difficulty. This will allow the DVLA to make a decision as to whether extra time needs to be allocated or if the examiner should make any adjustments for the test. The allocation of additional time will depend on the type of disability, or other type of requirement, more time may be needed to get in and out of the vehicle, and instructions may need to be communicated in a manner that takes longer.

In the case of a hearing impairment, the examiner may use written notes to explain what will happen in the test, directions during the test may also be given in the form of hand signals and a sat nav map display. A British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter over the age of 16 years, can accompany you on your test, he or she can also be your instructor, however, it is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange the interpreter and to cover any fees up front. It may be possible to claim back any expenses incurred after the test.

Driving an Adapted Vehicle

If you have learnt to drive in an adapted vehicle, the DVLA should be informed of this when the booking is made, and the examiner will need to be informed of the adaptations prior to the test.

Our Services

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