What Is Motability and How Can You Benefit?

The Motability scheme was established in the 1970s and is a charity organisation designed to help disabled individuals remain mobile. It allows those who qualify for certain types of disability allowance to exchange their weekly payment to cover the cost of leasing a new car, scooter or wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

Motability has helped broaden the horizon for many disabled people – allowing individuals to go to work, go shopping, attend appointments and so forth, as well as enhancing opportunities for education and future profitable employment. Whole families benefit from the scheme as caring for a disabled individual often involves the help of multiple family members, with transportation being a key factor. Having a car or scooter makes a vital contribution to a disabled individual’s lifestyle, providing freedom and independence.


Motability Criteria – Who Qualifies to Lease a Motability Vehicle?

Those receiving any one of the following with 12 months of their allowance remaining, should qualify for Motability:

  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA)
  • The Enhanced Rate of The Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP)
  • The War Pensioners Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • The Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

How Does the Scheme Work?

There are approximately 5,000 Motability dealerships in the UK offering more than 3000 cars, this provides clients with a vast choice and something for everyone. With most dealerships, the process is relatively straightforward, there are usually no credit card checks, no waiting list or assessment procedures. For those that do not hold a driving licence and rely on others to keep them mobile, the claimant can nominate two drivers – these may be family members or carers. Parents or carers may also apply on behalf of children aged 3 or more.

Finding a Motability Car

In order to benefit from the scheme, you will need to prove eligibility by providing your certificate of entitlement – proof that you are receiving the necessary benefit. For more information see: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-work-pensions

Other documents may include identification and a driver’s licence will be necessary if you are intending to drive the car.

Motability Car Choices and Dealers

Eligible people are able to choose a new car every 3 years and have the added option of topping up the allowance giving access to bigger, more luxurious cars and premium manufactures such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes.

Motability Dealerships

You can find you nearest Motability dealer at: https://motability.directenquiries.com/Motability/FindDealer.aspx

Choosing Your Motability Car

Having located your nearest dealer and made an appointment with a mobility specialist, you can start the process of choosing your vehicle as well as discussing any specific requirements or adaptations with your dealer. Independent specialists who are accredited to Motability can supply and fit adaptations.

Ordering Your Chosen Car

Once you are happy with your choice, you can order your vehicle. To do this you will need:

  • proof of address
  • a form of photographic identification
  • certificate of award entitlement

What Happens When the Lease Ends?

The dealership will contact you 3 months before your lease is due to expire, to place an order for your next car.

The Benefits of Motability

Aside from driving or being driven in a new car of your choice, the lease also includes insurance, services and maintenance as well as breakdown recovery costs. Customers only need to pay for the fuel they use and may have to pay for a small amount of excess insurance, this may vary depending on the age and experience of the driver.

How We Can Help

Here at All Shropshire Mobility we offer a first-class bespoke vehicle adaptation service with a comprehensive product range for your vehicle. We have a fully equipped workshop, as well as 3 service vans for mobile fitting. Call 01743 790879 for assistance and advice today.

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