Car Boot Hoist

Car Boot Hoist

Car Boot Hoist

A car boot hoist is a device which enables users to safely store their wheelchair or scooter in the boot of the car. There are a wide variety of hoists available on the market, here at ASM we fit hoists ranging from 40-200kgs. The lifting capacities can manage anything from a manual wheelchair to a very large scooter or powerchair.

Different Types Of Car Boot Hoists

4 Way Hoist

Ideally suited to transporting a scooter or large wheelchair, this fully powered hoist will lower or raise the scooter using a remote control. The product being transported will need to be hand guided into the right place.
The 4 way hoist is easy to use, especially on slopes and inclinations and can fit into most vehicles.

2 Way Hoist

The 2 way hoist is optimised for lifting lighter wheelchairs, the hoist has an arm and a boom which folds away to tuck in neatly when not in use.

Telescopic Hoist

This lifts the wheelchair/scooter to load and unload into the boot in one continuous movement without the need of guidance throughout the hoisting process. It usually works on an automated operation with a single button.

Necessary Requirements To Use A Hoist

In order to use a hoist the individual should be able to:
Stand without much support
Fold or dismantle the wheelchair (if you have a smaller vehicle)
Use both hands to use the hoist

Choosing The Right Hoist

The size and shape of the wheelchair or scooter will affect the type of boot hoist needed and the space required – for this reason we always recommend visiting our workshop to help us understand your requirements and find the most suitable car boot hoist to suit your needs. It also provides our customers with the opportunity to try out the hoists installed in our demonstration vehicles, enabling them to make the right decision.