Secondary Control System

Secondary Control System

Secondary Control System

Controlling a vehicle and operating secondary controls such as the horn, indicators etc. can be difficult for those with limited use of their upper body. A secondary control system is device which includes systems which bring all the controls together, enabling drivers to steer the car and operate multiple functions safely and effectively.

There are various different types of secondary control systems available on the market which can be fitted to suit individual needs, and positioned so that the driver doesn’t have to take his/her hands off the steering wheel. Newer higher spec cars already have multiple built in automated features, a great advantage to drivers with mobility issues, they may not however have all the features required.

Key Pads

Multifunction keypads are a popular secondary system allowing drivers to control other functions by simply pressing a button. They can be mounted into an easy to access location for the driver, a keypad can be attached to a type of steering ball or can be integrated to form part of the steering wheel handle.

Touch Controls

Digital touch pads can be fitted in a position which suits the driver, these are available in a wide range of different designs and attachments. Operation is simple and easy to use, involving a light touch from any part of the body.

Voice Control

A sophisticated system which eliminates the need for any buttons or switches, operating using voice commands. Some systems can recognise up to eighteen different commands and the majority include built in safety features which will recognise only one voice.

Bleeper and Tone System

Designed for those without enough dexterity to use individual buttons, one simple button is able to control several different functions.

Our experienced sales advisors can help you choose the right secondary control system to suit your individual needs, we recommend trying out different systems in order to find one which you are most comfortable with.