Steering Aids

Steering Aids

Steering Aids

Steering aids are ideally suited to drivers with limited mobility in their upper body or in cases where operating other types of hand controls and steering isn’t manageable. Steering aids help ensure driving, parking and general manoeuvring is safer and easier.

There are a range of different attachments available, all of which are designed to take the strain out of driving and allow easy and effective operation.

Steering Knobs/Balls

A popular adaptation available in various different shapes and sizes – the mushroom, ball and tulip, the steering knob allows the driver to have full control of the steering wheel using only one hand, providing safe control of the vehicle.

Infra-Red Controls

These allow the driver to operate multiple functions at the same time whilst steering the car, usually by means of an illuminated control panel attached to the steering device. Function operation can vary from 5, 9, 12, or 18 different functions. This type of control is ideally suited to drivers with limited ability to change from steering to a secondary vehicle function such as lights, indicators, wipers etc.

Lightened Power Steering

This adaptation involves lightening the power steering make it possible to spin the steering wheel easily and lightly.

Suitable for drivers:

  • Using only one hand to steer
  • Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
  • With reduced strength

Steering Glove

This operates in a similar way to the steering ball but is specifically designed for those with limited grip in their hand(s). The hand used for steering is strapped to the moving part allowing the operator to fully turn the steering wheel.

Steering Tetra Grip

Operation is similar to the standard steering ball, this flat type steering device fits directly onto the steering wheel to reduce the physical strain of using the steering wheel.