Electronic Accelerators

Electronic Accelerators

Electronic Accelerators

Electronic accelerators are specifically designed to assist those with lower limb disabilities and some upper body weakness – systems can also be adjusted to suit individual requirements and varying strength. Electronic accelerators are usually fitted with a mechanical push brake, although electronic braking systems are also available.

Over Ring

The over ring is positioned above the steering, acceleration is achieved by gently pushing the lightweight ring towards the steering wheel. Operation is smooth with a positive and lightweight response, allowing both hands to remain on the steering wheel, minimising driver fatigue.
Over ring accelerators can be fitted into most vehicles and should not compromise steering wheel air bags. They are also designed to blend well with the vehicle’s original equipment.

Under Ring

The under ring accelerator sits under the steering wheel, it requires a simple pull action to achieve acceleration, which is lightweight and sensitive. Like the over ring, both hands can remain on the steering wheel making driving less tiring and easy access to other controls is provided. The under ring doesn’t obstruct the view of the car’s dashboard, blends well with the car’s exterior and should not interfere with the vehicle’s steering wheel air bag – it may not be suitable for some vehicles due to lack of space behind the wheel.


These operate in a similar way to the push/pull accelerator device. A small electronic trigger is operated with the index finger in order to control the accelerator. It is light weight and non-tiring.

Choosing The Right Option

Due to the variety of electronic accelerators available, we recommend trying each one out to see which one suits your personal requirements and you feel most comfortable using. Vehicles fitted with different electronic controls are available at our assessment centres for test drives to help you make the right decision.
For more information, contact one of our highly experienced team members on 01743 790879