The following items are just some of the additional adaptations we can fit to make your life easier. If you have other requirements that are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Transfer Plates

A transfer plate is the ideal solution for passengers or drivers who can’t manage a standing transfer between a wheelchair and the car seat – the transfer plate bridges this gap and provides a discreet temporary platform located on the outer edge of the seat, allowing users to pivot and then slide across to the car seat or back into the wheelchair. At ASM we fit both electric and manual transfer seats to suit your individual requirements.

Easy Release Handbrake

An easy release handbrake is installed to the conventional handbrake to allow straightforward operation for those with any type of hand mobility issue including arthritis and other dexterity limiting conditions. The easy release handbrake is lightweight and easy to use, requiring less grip and eliminating the need to depress a button, it can also be positioned slightly nearer the driver making it more accessible.

Easy Release Gear Shift

The gear shift adaptation makes it easy for drivers of automatic cars to change gears using very little effort. The easy release gear shift is ideally suited to those suffering from conditions causing weakness or a lack of mobility in the hands.

Electronic Handbrake

The electronic handbrake replaces the traditional mechanical system with an electric motor – when the switch is pressed, the brake is applied. This straightforward method is ideal for those with hand mobility issues as it doesn’t require the strength needed to use the conventional hand brake.

Indicator and Wiper Extension Stalks

A metal rod is attached to the indicator and wiper lever, this extends all the way across to the opposite side of the steering wheel, releasing the hand which would normally be used to trigger the indicator or wiper.