Pedal Modifications

Pedal Modifications

Pedal Modifications

Some people have difficulty reaching the pedals when driving due to short stature or a disability, others may have difficulties using their right foot, there are various modifications available for vehicle pedals to facilitate driving, from pedal extensions to flip up pedal adaptations. Foot pedals may also be repositioned or enlarged to suit individual requirements.

Pedal Extension

Pedals can be modified to bring them closer to your driving seat, providing those with difficulty reaching conventional pedals with greater comfort, improved control of the vehicle as well as enabling safe and confident driving.

Pedal Extensions With A Raised Floor

This works on the same principal as the standard pedal extension, with the exception that the floor is raised. This adaptation is suitable for drivers whose feet cannot reach the floor.

Pedal Guards

These are used in conjunction with hand controls and are designed to prevent the brake or accelerator being accidentally pressed in the case of involuntary movements or spasms whilst driving.
Pedal guards can be fitted as single or double pedal size.

Hinged Pedals

Hinged pedals can be fitted to accelerators and brake pads. They are usually required when hand controls are being used to operate the accelerator, and are often used alongside brake guards when driving with hand controls

Flip Up Pedals

Designed for drivers with difficulty operating the accelerator pedal with their right foot, this left foot accelerator allows operation of both the accelerator and the brake with the left foot. The two pedals are interlinked and hinged, making it easy to operate by either left or right footed drivers.