Swivel Seats

Swivel Seats

Swivel Seats

Many of those suffering from a disability find it difficult to get into the driver’s seat and turn around to face the front, the swivel seat was specifically designed for this purpose – to help those with mobility issues get in and out of the vehicle. It can be fitted to the driver or passenger side of the vehicle providing 90 degrees rotation, offering an excellent alternative to the wheelchair accessible vehicle. Most swivel seats replace the original seat, not all of these however, will be able to match the original upholstery or any features such as heated seating and for safety purposes, all swivel seats are fitted to the original seat mountings.

Swivel seats make getting in and out of the car much easier, they can also be used with a Carony wheelchair base – a sophisticated system in which the car seat transforms into the wheelchair seat, allowing for a smooth transfer that eliminates any manual handling of the occupant.

Types of Swivel Seat

Manual Swivel Seats

The most basic type of swivel seat is comprised of a manually operated lever, usually placed at the side of the seat, this when released, simply turns 90° clockwise to face out of the car allowing the driver to transfer more easily to and from the seat.

Electronic Swivel Seats

Manual action is reduced to the simple touch of a button, which enables the seat to swivel around to face the driver. There are many different electronic swivel seats available on the market, more sophisticated models are able to help the user get out of the car in the easiest way, avoiding the sides of the doors and the roof, some seats can even lift and lower to help the user get to their feet, or transfer into a wheelchair.

Deciding What Is Best for You

It is important to get the right combination and to check that the swivel seat system is compatible with your make and model of care. We always recommend a demonstration, to ensure you find a system that really works for you.